Thursday, July 5, 2007

Free HIPS: Prevx 2.0

Prevx 2.0 is a highly regarded Intrusion Detection Software (IDS). It is shareware and can detect and block malware for free but you must buy the product for malware removal.

However, now you can get a free 1 year license for Prevx 2.0 (minus free technical support & free upgrades). Download and install within the next 24 hours from this site.

Tests conducted by Tech Support Alert placed Prevx 2.0 as the top two IDS. It provides fairly good registry, trojan, keylogger, rootkit and blended threat protection. Spyware and virus detection are a bit spotty. The program itself is very resistant to termination.

Be warned however that Prevx uses quite a lot of memory and is very noisy (to the point of hysteria). If you can live with the amount of warnings then this is a great product. If you want an IDS that is as effective but more quite then tryout the shareware CyberHawk (recently acquired by Spyware Doctor).

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